Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hidden Fathers Rights You Can Absolutely Win Starting Today!

Father's Rights Truth Revealed! DadsCanWin! Custody & Child Support
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Help is finally here for non-custodial fathers. Fathers rights have been under attack for too long. Tired of being called a 'deadbeat', tired of having your visitation denied, want to get your driver's license back? DadsCanWin! Child Support and Custody shows you the way. Follow other Dads who reduce child support and win their child custody battle .

The court system has been unfair for too long and Dads need to stand up and claim their rights. 16 million Dads are not wrong or bad, it is the system that is wrong and bad. No inflexible system will stand the test of time, and no system that arrests or threatens to arrest 16 million men in one year is anything less than utterly reprehensible. The truth of the matter is that courts in all 50 states have forms, procedures and instructions for just about every kind of family law or legal action that any Dad would need, and there are more than plenty of court cases where Dads have won custody, child support reductions, child support termination and just about every other issues concerning fathers rights. Many of these cases were precedent setting and represent compelling authority. Neither the average Dad who goes to a child support hearing ordered by the prosecutors office nor the unsuspecting Dad who seeks the advice and help of a competent lawyer would have any clue that, in reality, Dads have substantial rights in family law matters.

The system creates a reality matrix that essentially says Dads are worse than second class citizens and have no rights at all. If accurate word spread about the incredible abuse of law, procedure, legal rights and the very moral fabric of America, there would be rebellion in the streets tomorrow, especially when people whose "ox has not yet been gored' realize that this worse than kangaroo court abuse could happen to them, or any other subgroup, at the mere whim of prosecutors and politicians.

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